A Dream Comes True

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On May 3, 2019, thanks to the Planes of Fame Air Museum, I checked off one of the biggest items on my bucket list.

At near sunset, pilot Tom Nightingale and I took off for a forty-five-minute flight in #607 “Dolly,” a P-51D Mustang, from the 506th Fighter Group, Iwo Jima. Originally flown by pilot Captain JJ Grant with the 462nd Fighter Squadron, it completed many missions to the mainland of Japan and back in 1945.

I am deeply grateful to Jerry Wilkins, who coordinated my ride while simultaneously running an airshow, and to Tom Nightingale, Dave Presta, Steve and Karen Hinton, Annalouisa Maloney, and the whole complement of people who compose the Planes of Fame organization.

My heart is full. It will take some time, but I will write more about this.

Video by Sandy Tucker

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