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ED LARSON paints pictures with his words and tells stories with his drawings. Set in the sweeping landscape of Montana, on the majestic, often perilous waters of Alaska, along the coastal lands and waterways of California, and in the skies over China and the Far East, Leaves from the Autumns of Yesterday tells the stories of people Ed Larson has lived with and loved.

In Leaves from the Autumns of Yesterday, Ed takes you on a series of amazing adventures; and in due course, you will grow to respect and love Grandpa Charlie and Gram, Victor and Pete, and the cast of fisherman and fliers, family, friends, and lovers who have peopled Ed’s stories and his life.

Leaves from the Autumns of Yesterday reminds us that tenacity often triumphs over adversity; that life holds many surprising gifts; and that there is astounding beauty in the places, things, and people we so easily fail to notice and often take for granted.

Ultimately, Leaves from the Autumns of Yesterday is a reflection of a life well lived.

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