Because there’s a book in all of us

Everyone has a story.

And it seems everyone wants to write a book.

And during Covid, many did.

But how many of those great literary masterpieces saw a printing press or reached readers?

Trad publishing houses have undergone remarkable transformations during and since the epidemic, and agents and book reps, anxious to turn a manuscript into a sale, seem to be gravitating towards Sci-Fi, fantasy (what the H*LL is magical realism???!), romance, and self-help books, leaving out in the cold an awful lot of good writers and great books that should be read.

Journey to a Star helps writers take to the finish line manuscripts that paint pictures rich in landscape and the characters that inhabit them.

Authors include:
Edward C. Larson:
Spear-Carrier in a Backwater War
Leaves from the Autumns of Yesterday
Echoes on the Wind

Buzz Anderson:
Five Hundred Moons
A Jar of Water

Joan Brown:
And Then Came Hope: Reflections on a Journey Toward the Light

Cheri Lomonte:
Stories from Mary’s Touch, Volume I: Real-Life Accounts from the Mary’s Touch Radio Program
You Can’t Rush Beauty

Please follow the links and check out their work. Great stories are still being told. They deserve to be read.

Journey to a Star
Crafters of bibliogeny…because there’s a book in all of us.